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  • More and more, we are seeing the voice as a tech tool. Most devices now have a feature that will read text out loud. Email, newspapers, and calendar entries to name a few, can all be read to you. On the iPhone and iPad, this great feature is called “Speak Screen” and can be activated […] More>

  • Caring for a loved one, particularly one that has memory loss, means keeping track of a lot of information. Prescription numbers, dosage information, insurance cards, pharmacy information, and doctors names and phone numbers may be needed at any time. We recommend taking photographs of all the important information. The photos can be stored in a separate folder or […] More>

  • Demo of Amazon Echo The Amazon Echo is an entirely voice-activated device (…at least once its all set up). I had the opportunity to demo the Echo at a conference on disability and accessible technology just before the official release. At first I wasn’t convinced of its value as the functionality exists on iPhone, iPad, […] More>

  • Many (many) years ago, my high school typing instructor insisted on two spaces after a period. This rule was immutable. My kids thought this was ridiculous when they started doing homework on the computer. And I thought their insistence on one space after a period was rebellion that would pass. More>

  • TechMoxie gets many questions about Facebook privacy – and for good reason. There has been much in the news this week about Facebook’s roll out of a new interactive tool, Privacy Basics, to help users better understand the ins and outs of what others can see about us. More>

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