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  • Have you been told that your computer is “slow” or “needs cleaning”? You be the judge. Sometimes computers do get noticeably sluggish. But you are the best judge of that – not a computer technician or a pop up window on your internet browser. With increasing frequency, we are hearing from clients who have been told that […] More>

  • No doubt that you are familiar with the advice from sleep experts that our devices don’t belong in the bedroom, much less the bed itself. But there are some new and different ways that our technology may actually help us get a better night’s sleep (though you might find a few of them a bit odd!) […] More>

  • Technology is both magical and daunting. It gives us the ability to do so many wonderful things –  apps that measure your heart rate, show the constellations in your night sky, and stream radio from anywhere in the world.  But with that comes the challenge of keeping up with our devices, new features, apps and […] More>

  • I’ve seen more than the usual puppy videos and selfies on my Facebook news feed this past month. Early in January, my cousin and her husband announced the birth of their baby girl who (rather impatiently) arrived weeks before her due date. Joy has been mixed with worry and Facebook has been the source of […] More>

  • We have all heard the advice: Don’t click on links in emails unless you are sure of the sender. Even if you are savvy to phishing, please make sure your friends, family and clients know as well. Cyber-criminals get extra creative during the holidays. We especially worry about those who are new to the online world […] More>

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