What’s So Great About Facebook

January 13, 2014

shutterstock_134475326I like seeing what my friends ate for breakfast.  Seriously.

When discussing social media I frequently hear complaints that Facebook has turned us into vapid narcissists.  And to some degree that may be true.  The Selfie certainly drives that point home.

But think about your social interactions when out and about, perhaps picking up groceries or celebrating a friend’s birthday.  We make idle chit chat without giving it a second thought: Sure is hot out there…Did you see the game last night?…Can’t wait till Friday…Have a nice day.  These conversations are pretty meaningless, but bring us a small and important sense of civility and connection.

So back to Facebook.  Before the internet age, I was horrible at keeping in touch with people, even those whose friendship I cherished.  Time and distance always seemed to get the best of me.  Through Facebook, I get to “visit” with friends I would otherwise have long lost touch with.  Seeing friends updates and photos is like running into them at the grocery store.  We have a chance to catch up.  Through Facebook, I know a bit about how their family is doing, where they went on vacation, and perhaps when a loved one has passed.

Yes, there are some who post too much personal information, overdo the selfies, and who are uncomfortably boastful.  But these are the same people who tell you the gruesome details of their gall bladder surgery in the checkout line, talk during movies and write long christmas resumes (oops…letters).  Social media has its etiquette as well.

So go ahead and try it – sign up, share a photo or some news.

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