Using a Touch Screen Can Be Challenging if You Have a Tremor

June 19, 2014

gardening-glove-3It can be a challenge to use a touch screen with even a mild tremor.   This simple and inexpensive tip was passed along by Cristen Reat, Co-Founder & Program Coordinator at Easter Seals Greater Houston

One of the challenges in using a touch screen tablet or smart phone is that every touch engages the device.  So the natural inclination to steady a tremor by resting the hand on a steady surface (as we would do using a keyboard or mouse) is not possible on the tablet – at least not without causing unintended results!

Cristen recommended taking an inexpensive gardening glove and cutting off the tip of the index finger.  This allows the user to steady their hand by resting it on the device while using the index finger to manipulate the tablet.  I had thought that an alternative would be the inexpensive cotton gloves sold in drugstores, but to my surprise they conduct right through the glove!   But most other types of gloves would work – just give it a try before taking any snips.   (One caution is that iPads and iPhones can be very slippery so I would be very careful to take the gloves off while carrying the device!)

Do you have other tips for making technology more accessible?  Let us know!

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