Tired of small print on your iPhone? Have it read to you. (Works on iPad too!)

October 8, 2015

More and more, we are seeing the voice as a tech tool.

Most devices now have a feature that will read text out loud. Email, newspapers, and calendar entries to name a few, can all be read to you. On the iPhone and iPad, this great feature is called “Speak Screen” and can be activated easily in Settings. (See instructions at end of post.)

Once activated, nearly any text on your screen can be read out loud. Simply swipe on the screen as shown below or tell Siri*: “Speak Screen

Note that the “swipe” is with two fingers and starts above the screen:

Next, a control panel will appear as shown below. Tap the tortoise to slow down the voice or the hare to speed up. You can also skip ahead or reverse using the triangle/arrow-like buttons.

What can’t be read? Text contained in images such as photographs or PDFs will not be recognized as well as certain command buttons. But most text on websites can be read making it a great way to have news articles read to you.

Here are the step by step instructions for activating Speak Screen….

*Siri is activated by pressing and holding the home button.

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