Take a Closer Look: Zoom Tricks for iPhone and iPad

September 22, 2014

The basic “Pinch to Zoom” is great but only works on photos, maps and email.

pinch-zoom-girlBut what if you need to Zoom on a website, app, or your settings?
Here is where your device’s “Accessiblity Features” come in. What are Accessibility Features? Settings that can be adjusted to help you see, hear and control your iPad or iPhone better. There are now many of these features included – free of charge – on all computers and mobile devices.

So back to the Zoom…
There is an additional  Zoom feature that lets you magnify (by 200x) just about any screen on your iPad or iPhone.  But it only works once its been activated in Settings. Follow these steps to turn on the Zoom feature and then learn a few easy gestures to put it to work!

To Activate the Zoom feature:

SettingsIconGo to Settings, and then


     ⤷ >Accessibility 

          ⤷ Zoom  

 ⤷> Tap switch to on >(green) position

       *For older iOS versions there will be an on/off indicator*

Using the Zoom feature:

The gestures may seem a bit awkward at first, but with a little practice it gets pretty easy!

Zoom In and Zoom Out

zoomfingertapZoom In:  With three fingers, tap twice on the screen.
Zoom Out:  Same gesture!  With three fingers, tap twice on the screen.
The magnification is automatically set to 200%.


To Reduce or Increase the Level of Magnification…

  • Tap Twice and Hold the Second Tap.
  • While holding the second tap, drag up to increase magnification. Drag down to decrease the magnification.

The Zoom is great, but how do you see the parts of the screen that are now “hidden”?

Option One:  With three fingers, tap once and hold.  While holding, drag the screen to the area you like.  Repeat as needed.

Option Two:  With three fingers, tap once and hold.  But…tap with one finger zoomfingertap2on the border of the iPad closest to the screen area you want to reveal.  The screen will automatically start to move to reveal the area closest to your finger on the border.

Let us know how this worked for you!


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