Make iPhone Text Bigger

January 11, 2017

Want to make the iPhone text bigger? Its easy with our new instructional video. We have video accompanied by text so that you can easily follow along.

Using a special software program, we are able to capture video from our devices and create animated instructional videos. Let us know what you think…and of course, ideas for videos you would like to see.

First up, How to Make iPhone Text Bigger!

There are many settings in our computers and mobile devices that make it easier to see what we are working on. Fonts can be made bigger, cursors (mouse pointers) can be made larger as well. On the internet, we can ‘zoom’ to make what appears on the screen much larger. So for this first video, we are demonstrating how to make the text on the iPhone larder.

Watch in full screen mode by (1) pressing play and (2) clicking on this icon in the lower right corner of the video screen:      full-screen-filled-50



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