Improving iPhone Visibility

October 11, 2014

There are many settings that can be adjusted to make any tablet or smart phone easier to see, hear and touch. This week we focus on visibility settings. These adjustments are particularly helpful on a phone, but also work well on tablets.

Compare the first image — with no adjustments — to the second image. The changes aren’t dramatic, but do make a big difference in visibility. The darker background behind the “Edit” and “Mailboxes” buttons are much easier to distinguish — particularly for users not as accustomed to the iOS 7/8 minimalist design.


To make these adjustments on your iPhone, go to


  • Settings ➜ Text Size ➜ Drag Slider Right
  • Settings ➜ Accessibility ➜ Bold Text ➜ “On”
  • Settings ➜ Accessibility ➜ Button Shapes ➜ “On”


Don’t have an iPhone or iPad?  Look for similar adjustments in device settings on any phone.

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