Caregiver Tip: Use Photographs to Keep Track of Important Info

September 27, 2015

Caring for a loved one, particularly one that has memory loss, means keeping track of a lot of information.

pillbottles2 (1)Prescription numbers, dosage information, insurance cards, pharmacy information, and doctors names and phone numbers may be needed at any time.

We recommend taking photographs of all the important information. The photos can be stored in a separate folder or album in your smartphone. What to include? Consider a photo of each pill bottle showing prescription and dosage information, hearing aid battery type, as well as the front and back of insurance cards.

Photographing business cards of doctors and other service providers avoids the need to enter data into your contacts, both saving time and avoiding errors. Remember that with “pinch to zoom,” you can always enlarge a photograph to better see names or numbers. You might be surprised that even letter size documents will photograph very well and can always be opened from your computer if needed.

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