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  • TechMoxie gets many questions about Facebook privacy – and for good reason. There has been much in the news this week about Facebook’s roll out of a new interactive tool, Privacy Basics, to help users better understand the ins and outs of what others can see about us. More>

  • There are many settings that can be adjusted to make any tablet or smart phone easier to see, hear and touch. This week we focus on visibility settings. These adjustments are particularly helpful on a phone, but also work well on tablets. More>

  • The basic “Pinch to Zoom” is great but only works on photos, maps and email. But what if you need to Zoom on a website, app, or your settings? Here is where your device’s “Accessiblity Features” come in. What are Accessibility Features? More>

  • If you don’t use Twitter much, it may strike you as a bit odd that this communication tool limited to 140 characters generates an average of 500 million Tweets per day. I often get asked how I use Twitter.  Although not a heavy Tweeter, I have found a few really cool ways to use it. More>

  • It can be a challenge to use a touch screen with even a mild tremor.   This simple and inexpensive tip was passed along by Cristen Reat, Co-Founder & Program Coordinator at Easter Seals Greater Houston One of the challenges in using a touch screen tablet or smart phone is that every touch engages the device.  […] More>

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