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  • We recently helped set up up a ‘Smart TV’ for a client. The “TV” (reason for quotation marks will become clear…) was a VIZIO purchased from Costco for just under $400.  Here is the listed product name: VIZIO – 50” Class (49.5” Diag.) LED – with Chromecast Built-in – Ultra HD Home Theater Display Looks good, […] More>

  • Looking to detox from election news or just looking for more interesting content? Streaming is a great way to be in control of the what, where and when of what you view. What is ‘streaming’? It is easiest to start with traditional TV viewing. There are two options: Cable or a digital antennae to pick up […] More>

  • My twenty-something year old son recently expressed surprise that we still have an “old school” landline in our home.  With his iPhone never more than a hair’s breadth away from him, he sees no need. Many household are dropping their landlines as a cost saving measure. Here are some considerations to weigh when deciding whether to switch […] More>

  • We spend a lot of time at TechMoxie keeping up on the latest tricks used by fraudsters in online scams. A number of people have approached us after our Staying Safe Online talks to tell us that they have fallen for a scam that unfolds like this: You are sitting at your computer happily reading email or […] More>

  • Have you been told that your computer is “slow” or “needs cleaning”? You be the judge. Sometimes computers do get noticeably sluggish. But you are the best judge of that – not a computer technician or a pop up window on your internet browser. With increasing frequency, we are hearing from clients who have been told that […] More>

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