Anatomy of a Tweet

January 1, 2014

Curious about Twitter?  Here are the ABCs for those who have not yet dipped into the Twittersphere…

Lets say you were eagerly awaiting news from William and Kate on the arrival of the royal baby.  The earliest news of the birth came across Twitter – sooner than even TV and radio, which are quick but need a little more production time before rolling out big news.  As Tweets can be sent even from any smart phone, they are lightening quick.

Here is the actual Tweet sent by The Guardian News announcing the birth of the royal baby.  We’ve circled the key elements, which we will explain below.


And here is the Tweet broken down…


Interested in exploring Twitter further?  The easiest way is to sign up for an account at  Start with filling in the info in the “New to Twitter” box and click “Sign up for Twitter”.   Or, if you aren’t interested in setting up an an account, you can view Tweets by searching the internet for “Twitter” and the name of the account.  You will be able to see some, but not all content this way.

Happy Tweeting!
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